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Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Ah Saint Etienne…chronicling a very specific London version of life, all greasy spoon cafes, taxi rides, unpaid bills and cups of tea. Born in the Home Counties, inspired by the 60’s, schooled in the 70’s, for the after-parties of the 90’s. Here are 10 magic slices of pop genius.

10. Dive

Samba-inspired, late 60’s-afied sultry sauciness.

9. I’ve Got Your Music

Should-have-been-a-hit, reflecting the joys of pop as experienced by the headphone generation

8. Nothing Can Stop Us

Dreamy, wistful Dusty Springfield-sampled tune straight out of a 60’s British film. Covered by Kylie, no less

7. Like a Motorway

Robyn before Robyn was invented

6. DJ

Most bands have a ‘should have been a single’ track. This is theirs. Featuring the lesser spotted ‘double chorus’

5. Hobart Paving

A very British ballad of frustration, ennui and disappointment, full of images of drizzle, rain, hanging around and going to the loo. Named after a construction company in Croydon, apparently

4. Who Do You Think You Are?

A lesson in how to take an obscure 70’s song made famous by Opportunity Knocks and turn it into a total bop

3. He’s On The Phone

Yes! Proper, handbag-house hit which should have been number 1 for 4 weeks

2. Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Blissed out soundtrack to the early 90’s afterparty


7 minutes of a dream-like ethereal, mysterious love letter to lost youth

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