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Updated: Nov 28, 2018

He wasn’t planning on going solo. But thank God he did. It’s mainly desolation and despair round these parts, but always with a surprising sense of humour. Here’s Big George's 10 finest moments.

10. Amazing

George is still missing his baby, but he’s found love, alongside some peppy piss-taking Bee Gee’s style backing vocals in this up tempo ode to feeling better about life. Hooray!

9. Outside

Glitter- ball urinals, LA-Cops as Tom-Of-Finland models and shagging all over the kitchen table. This is how you do a “fuck-you” style coming out song

8. Faith

Classic Bo Didley strumming and the Iconic leather jacket and jeans combo. A solemn church organ playing the chords to “Freedom” and Last-Christmassy nods to ‘giving my heart away’ shows that he wasn’t beyond raking up his past to deliver something new.

7. Father Figure

Big George as preacher, teacher…or anything you had in mind. Daddy issues weepie with a slight undercurrent of sleaze.

6. Jesus to a Child

Moving Bossanova-tinged paen to a lost Brazilian love

5. Careless Whisper

Definition of slick mid-80’s pain and regret, with iconic sax solo. As smooth as a rolled up suit jacket and skinny leather tie

4. One More Try

Full on emosh flip side to ‘Father Figure’. “Teacher…just let me go…”

3. Fastlove, Pt 1

Gay cruising and shagging in BMW’s never felt as

simultaneously funky and heartbreakingly lonely. Great “Forget-Me-Not’s sample as well.

2. Freedom ‘90

Instantly recognisable funky piano riff leads us on a road to Damascus journey, complete with gospel choir. He burns his past (literally in the video) and drops not very subtle hints at the man behind the music. If it’s not obvious when he states that “there’s something you should know”, then he saucily winks that “there’s something deep inside of me.” Amazing

1.Praying for Time

Heartfelt, sweeping state-of-the-nation address covering capitalistic greed, signal-virtuing charity giving, AIDS and inequality. Please forgive us George, for we have sinned. Legend

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