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In honour (ahem) of the glorious reformation of The Spice Girls, here’s a rundown of their best 10 solo efforts. Slim pickings admittedly, but a gold star to Bunton (surprisingly), whilst sitting on the naughty step to think about she did is Mel B.

10. I Turn To You / Mel C

Scouse Ibiza screech anthem for the Anfield rave generation

9. I Want You Back / Mel B feat. Missy Elliot

A proto Get UR Freak On, lacking any semblance of a tune, but props that it was the first solo Spice Number 1

8. Bag It Up / Halliwell

Where Geri tries hard for gay diva status with “hilarious” Girl Powder/Power analogy which they hammer incessantly throughout the video. 11/10 for effort, 5/10 for result

7. Never Be The Same Again / Mel C feat Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez

The Spice Girls did a lot of songs “feat.” someone else, before “feat’ing” was a thing. True visionaries. This is the best of them

6. Crickets Sing for Anamaria / Bunton

I mean, this is just amazingly bonkers from start to finish

5. Northern Star / Mel C

Not a bad effort, nice build to a sweeping chorus. Solid Melanie, solid

4. Let Your Head Go / Victoria

Decent bop and self-deprecating video, proving that Victoria was actually “Self-Aware Spice”

3. Maybe / Bunton

Bunton channels her inner Dusty for this 60’s pastiche, noted for its iconic “hands-on-hips-tottering-about” dance

2. Mi Chico Latino / Halliwell

A not-bad Lidl version of “La Isla Bonita”, complete with Spanish talky bit where Geri is all “Hey chicas! Dos cervezas por favour!”

1. Free Me / Bunton

A pretty decent Nancy Sinatra-styled lost Bond theme. *applauds

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